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Saffina Desforges is an international best-seller, bringing new and ground-breaking writing to the reading public, delivered both on-line and in print across the globe.

'Sugar & Spice' has now sold over 300,000 digital copies, been downloaded over half a million times and the French print version 'PARAPHILIA' has gone on to sell over 30,000 hardback copies - so far.

'Sugar & Spice' and the first two books of The Rose Red crime thriller series - featuring DCI Cass 'Red' Rose - 'Snow White' & 'Rapunzel', are currently being translated for the Asian market and will be available digitally and in print soon.

With e-books now able to be downloaded not just onto dedicated e-reader devices, but direct to your PC, laptop, iPad, mobile phone or a zillion other devices, there has never been a better time to join the e-reading revolution.

You can find our books on all good digital platforms.

We work closely with our preferred partner in ebook conversion, ebookpartnership.com and highly recommend their services.

For more information or for queries from publishers, please contact Saffi at: info@saffinadesforges.com

Saffina Desforges is represented by Broo Doherty of DHH Literary Agency, London.

Contact: broo.doherty@dhhliteraryagency.com

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